Phil Schiller: “Apple risked everything for the first iPhone”


Phil-Schiller-apple risked everything for first iphoneApple had to invest everything in the design and manufacture of the first iPhone, which means that the fate of the company was at stake. Phil Schiller told this during a lawsuit against Samsung. As Schiller told; Apple had just  reached a point where it went well with the iPod, but all that money and the people behind it were used equally for iPhone development. It was at that times that  hundred people within Apple were working on early prototypes of the iphone. The iPhone was therefore internally known as an Apple product where the whole company was put in a great risk.


Schiller’s statement can be found below:

“There were huge risks with the first iPhone. We said in the company that it was something like a gamble. We did it just fine with the iPod and then allocated all the resources – financial and manpower – to invest in this new product.”

The story of Schiller should probably offer prospects for ongoing patent case. Apple said earlier, during the lawsuit which they claimed $ 380 million compensation from Samsung. This amount would be covering Apple’s lost revenue for patent infringementby Samsung. Samsung thinks a fee of $ 53 million is enough. Apple and Samsung have been fighting for a long time regarding patent infringement. Last year, the U.S. court decided that Samsung infringes patents .