Polar Loop


Polar Loop is a bracelet that measures one’s activity level. It is the most necessary gadgets I have ever invested in – and I would recommend everyone else to do the same.

If you follow just a little bit with the flow of news in the technology world, we know that the so-called wearables is the new black. Wearables are gadgets you have on your body. This could be in the form of a watch or bracelet. One of the biggest categories of wearables is activity tracker that keeps track of how much it moves during the day. They typically come in the form of a bracelet.

The renowned manufacturer of heart rate monitors, Polar, has launched an activity tracker called Polar Loop, the undersigned has had the opportunity to test. Polar Loop is courtesy of MacVision.

Polar Loop: Getting Started

In addition to the bracelet kit, the package  includes a USB cable for charging and syncing with a computer, some printed documents and a little tool for adjusting the belt. The bracelet is made of black rubber with two silver detail about the hidden screen and a lock of steel. Sporty and practical.

Before you can get started using the Polar Loop must have adapted the bracelet to one’s wrist thickness. Already here you should just breathe once or twice, for adaptation requires finding a pair of scissors back and cutting his newly acquired gadget in pieces. The bracelet is far too large. Therefore, to measure the thickness wrist with the included tape measure that tells how many links you have to cut off.

When the bracelet is adjusted, it must be recharged. This should be done by putting the supplied cable into a USB connector (or an iPhone charger). The other end is connected to the bracelet (inside) via a magnetic connector. The battery charges quickly. It takes about an hour, and, according to Polar, has 5-6 days of standby time .

You can also sync Loop with Polar’s associated online service. This requires creating a profile, where you give some personal information about age, weight, gender, activity level, etc. It uses Polar to make a personal goal of how active you should be.

Polar Loop is designed to be worn around the clock. It’s not something you put on when you play sports, lay aside at night or share in the household, but something you personally go with 24 hours a day. Loop is, fortunately, waterproof so it can withstand both sweat, shower and a swim in the pool.

Loop has a single button and a built-in screen that is immediately visible, but can be seen when you press the button. The screen can display time, number of steps, calorie consumption as well as a measure of one’s activity – and in addition a number of service messages. It rotates between the various information by pressing a button.

In fact Loop nothing more than an advanced pedometer. The advanced consists in that the number of steps is combined with the speed (and possibly other features) and is used to calculate the same activity. In other words, a difference whether you walk 1,000 steps or run 1,000 steps. The last course provides a higher activity.  At the same time, you get to know how long you manage to be active the day to reach 100%. When it reaches its target, you get a small digital fireworks on the clock.

Loop has room for 12 days’ data then deletes the oldest to make room for the new. Therefore, it is important that you remember to synchronize their device regularly. This can happen either by cable to a computer and the Polar online service or via Bluetooth to an iPhone. The latter is the most useful as they constitute all the time to keep up with the iPhone via the corresponding app.

This app provides much more detailed information than you can get on the bracelet itself. It’s all very nice and manageable set up. You get, for example, asks how long you’ve been sitting asked, been up-slope, moderately active and very active per day. Quite useful. The app also provides a warning when you have been inactive for 60 minutes in a row.

Synchronization of Polar Loop with iPhone

The synchronization with the iPhone is done in principle automatically three times per hour when the units are near each other. However, it is not always it works. Otherwise, you can manually request synchronization by pressing Loops button. It seems, however, not always as intended. Little wonder timber synchronization with the iPhone is not the bracelet memory. Have you worn it for more than 12 days we, therefore, get warnings that the memory is full despite the fact that one may have synchronized with the app. Only sync via cable clears the memory. Because the battery only lasts 3-4 days it is not a problem in practice, as it so can synchronize while leaving them via a USB connector on your computer. I only noticed it because I was on vacation for 14 days without a computer.

Polar Loops big advantage is that it can be combined with an of Polar heart rate monitors such as H7. It’s none of their competitors can. A heart rate monitor increases the degree of detail and accuracy enormously. For example, Loop not very good at measuring sedentary activities such as cycling or weight training, where the number of arm movements are minimal compared to the activity. That a heart rate monitor contrast catch and it is brilliant seen by Polar to support it.

On the whole strength lies in the Polar thoughtful integration with online service Polar Flow, where you can gather data regardless of which of the Polar devices you use. Loop is, therefore, not alone, but can be used with Polar’s other products as dedicated heart rate monitor or a loose heart rate monitor.


Polar Loop has been something of an eye opener for me. It has been both shocking and instructive to get an accurate measure of how much (little) you are active in a day. Or to put it another way, how much you should move. You’ll quickly see that the trick is a good jog or other regular sports activity. The assumption that some time back and forth in the office keeps the body in shape is all wrong.

. Loop is a great tool and technically well done. Especially if you combine it with a heart rate monitor so that it also becomes a regular training tool.

I can not recommend the Polar Loop enough. Buy it immediately. The sooner you get started with measuring your activity, the faster you’ll benefit from a more active life.


Polar Loop Pros

– Nice discreet design
– Solid online service
– Possible to purchase a heart rate monitor

Polar Loop Cons

– Lack of sound is overlooked easily inactivity warnings
– Synchronising not functioning optimally
– The integrated strap you should mow

Polar Loop Gallery

Here are a few pictures Polar Loop as well as the associated app.

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