Retina ipad mini versus ipad mini in benchmarks


Retina ipad mini versus ipad mini in benchmarks

The iPad Mini with Retina screen is slightly more expensive than its predecessor. But you also get more for your money in terms of performance. The first benchmark tests with Geekbench 3 show that the iPad Mini with Retina display performs much better than the original iPad mini.While the first generation iPad mini still scored 261 points in Geekbench 3, iPad mini Retina gets 1372 points.

That is not to say that the iPad mini Retina has “five times better performance”, because no one has claimed that the benchmark Geekbench scores are linear. From the graph below, in which the single-core performance is measured against each other, the iPad mini Retina has been almost the best performing tablet from Apple. Only the iPad Air scores better and also allows for a slightly higher performance (1400 vs 1300 MHz) . The graph shows clearly how the older mini iPad and iPad 2 and iPad 3 match in performance . Beware that the iPad 4 made a monster jump, from 262 to 772 points  and with the latest iPads from 2013 the jump in performance is once again impressive. Do you use your iPad just for some word processing and other simple applications, then performance will probably make little impression on you with this increase. But if you are looking for an iPad for heavier applications, be aware that you should have  the iPad 4 or rather the iPad Retina Air and iPad mini.

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geekbench for ipads-multi-core