Steve Wozniak interview


An interview with Steve Wozniak co-founder of Apple

Steve Wozniak — co-founder of Apple talks with John Dixon at the Freescale Technology Forum in Austin, Texas.

Steve Wozniak expresses his vision of the future where the world is controlled by artificial intelligence. At first, he’s quite crept out of the idea, but eventually he conceded that this will benefit humanity in the long run.

His times at Hewlett-Packard

Steve Wozniak shared a bit about how he started innovating during his early years when he was an engineer at Hewlett-Packard.

He said that the significance of creating the personal computer was the change that it brought to society. The idea of sending a message into the computer while the other reads it made him proud of the result.

No exit plan  

Wozniak talked about how he and Steve began with Apple. He said that he and Steve Jobs were really young and they see the company to stay and remain the same forever as it is. But now, it has grown so much.

He indicated that both he and Jobs didn’t have money, and didn’t have business courses. So, it was a good thing that they were mentored by Mark Markkula who owned a third of Apple Stocks. Then  Mark explained what their roles were going to be.

And since Wozniak left Apple early, he gave $20 million of his shares of stock to the five other people that he considered as founders as well, and those were the people who he worked with in Jobs garage.

Apple Watch discount for Apple workers

John Dixon — director of corporate marketing catches Wozniak not wearing any Apple Watch. He cites that he is officially an Apple employee since the beginning and Tim Cook addresses that employees will have 50% discount for the watch.

He also said that the watch he bought was not shipped yet, and there is no way to figure out how much he is going to like it yet.

Self-driving cars?

Wozniak expressed his interest in self-driving cars, but he didn’t say that Apple is on its way for that kind of technology yet. He indicates that Apple will have a share in this idea since the auto market is huge. Eventually he says that he does not provide his full attention on plans which have not been made yet, but he focuses on things that are under development right now.