Swype Keyboard for iOS


Swype Keyboard for iOS has been updated with 16 new languages.

Swype  claims that  it is the most accurate keyboard on earth, and I must say that it is probably true. It should be worth mentioning that my only comparison is SwiftKey that came a few days ago. But I have now inserted Swype as my standard keyboard because it just feels right for me. It seems an astonishing well and I’m starting to swipe rather than typing in contrast to Swiftkey where it just does not really seemed natural. But  I recommend you try both.

Swype to go faster and easier. 

• Incredibly intuitive language models that accurately predicts what you write or Swype.
• Five beautiful themes – FREE on iPhone.
• Key symbols, punctuation, and capitalization with Swype gestures.
• Swype learns how you write. You can add special words or remove words from your personal dictionary.
• You can Swype to your iPad and your iPhone


What’s new in the recent version of Swype:

• 21 languages supported, including 16 new languages
• Intelligent Emoji support in 6 languages (English (US), English (UK), French, Italian, German and Spanish)
• Improved iPad layout
• Different keyboard layout (QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY)
• Sound on keypress option added
• Auto-space option added

You can buy Swype from the App Store here

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