The 5 Best iPhone 5S camera tips


iPhone 5S camera tips


The camera on the iPhone 5S is the best camera Apple has ever made ​​for its smartphones. With this iPhone 5S camera tips you Achieve the best results with it!

iPhone-5S-cameraWith the iPhone 5S camera it is not only easy to take pictures, but also take very nice pictures.The results you achieved with the camera, are indeed very good. Below we give five tips which you can shoot better pictures with the camera of your iPhone 5S. These tips can also be used in other Apple devices with the  recent iOS version.

1. Use the burst mode
if you want to photograph a fast moving object, it is sometimes difficult to shoot a sharp picture. However, you can create multiple snapshots in a short time by holding down the shutter button in iPhone 5S camera app.  So you make up to 10 photos per second, then  you can select the best ones out.

2. Use the Grid function
A beautiful picture is characterized by a good composition. For the best composition  you can choose to set a grid. This is not in the camera app itself, but in the Settings> Photos and Cameras. Then, turn on the “Grid” option.

3. Shoot pictures like a panorama
A panorama is a good way to have a nice view.  You can find the panorama feature in the camera app, swipe the right option to the right. Then tap the shutter button at the bottom and move your iPhone in one smooth motion from left to right.

4. Use a photo filter
On a drizzly autumn or winter, you can use one of the available filters in the camera app. You can find these Instagram-like filters on the bottom right in the camera app. Then, check by tapping real time how the result will look like.

5. Turn off the HDR mode
While  using the HDR mode, make sure that both dark and bright areas in pictures are clear. Your iPhone takes this several photos and the result is not always good, but often beautiful. The HDR feature in the iPhone 5S camera app could be off through switching   “HDR off”  at the top of the screen