The Room Two-iPad adventure puzzle-game


The-Room-Two-iPad-adventure-puzzle-gameApple’s Game of the Year 2012 now has  a successor on the iPad. The Room Two marks the return of the puzzle-adventure like no other game was developed for the large touch screen of Apple’s tablet. The Room can be compared with games like Riven and Myst: you are constantly searching and puzzling for steps that will help you with the next step. The big difference is that you do not look around at The Room you look around in the big world surrounding you. But just looking down on the bizarre items that you will be presented with and you have to sift through completely.The Room Two continues where the first game left off.

The Room Two-iPad adventure puzzle-game 2Any object that you get for your nose, is a puzzle and not just one, but  you do it step by step by solving  kinds of little puzzles. With sweeps you see your subject from all sides. You will find here a key that fits into the gear mechanism there, you crank with the object that you have adhered to the bottom of the last puzzle and so are you one step further to the big puzzle cracking.

Familiar atmosphere

The Room Two has an incredibly captivating atmosphere just like  its predecessor. You hear creaks, thumps when there’s a part of the puzzle unlocked. The sound that you hear when you are searching for something is quite good for feeling the tension. Those familiar with The Room, will imagine themselves right at home in The Room Two, not only in terms of color and sharpness of the images are identical, but also the sounds are identical.

The Room Two-iPad adventure puzzle-game 3

Childlike excitement

The Room Two-iPad adventure puzzle-game 4It should be clear by now that The Room Two does nothing to distinguish itself from its predecessor on the eye and ear . The Room is a wonderful game and The Room Two effortlessly adds new chapters with new items to it.

Download: The Room Two