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The Silent Age Game for iPhone and iPad

The Silent Age takes players on an adventurous journey through a dystopian future where humanity has been wiped out. An atmospheric adventure game with thrilling soundtracks and stylistic visual effects and especially mind-bending puzzles.

Are you one of those who have overlooked The Silent Age earlier this year, you can now enjoy twice as much. After the first episode, which thus came earlier this year, this is the second episode be launched and it’s certainly not too late to jump on the bandwagon. Quite the contrary; you will now have two episodes at the same price. Here is the video of the game:

The Silent Age is a minimalist 2D point-and-click game where time travel between the 70s and the present plays a crucial role. The game has a good atmosphere that evaporate dystopia and one can not fail to feel the grip of the atmosphere.

The story starts in 1972. There is war in Vietnam, but the world is heading for better times. The peace movement, freedom, love, and so far as we know in the offing. Our hero is Joe, a completely ordinary average boring man who does not stand out in any way. It changes the day a dying man gives him a kind of time machine and told scars explain humanity before becoming extinct. Joe travels 40 years into the future and finds a world where man is indeed gone. It is now up to our hero to find out what has happened, and how he can prevent it.

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The Silent Age can be downloaded for free in App Store (link)

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