Tim Cook’s Security Strategy: A Failure or A Breakthrough



Tim Cook would double the secrecy surrounding the  Apple’s upcoming products. We have seen countless leaked iPhone parts, but it was not the Cooks thoughts such as  revolutionary new products like Apple Watch.

Steve Jobs was notoriously known for his absurdly high level of security, for example, during the development of the original iPhone;nothing was released, and the launch sent shockwaves through the industry. The subsequent iPhones were harder for Apple to keep secret, and especially iPhone 4 leak was  painful for Apple. When Steve Jobs died and Tim Cook took over the management of Apple, one of the first statements of him was  that he would double the secrecy surrounding the upcoming Apple products. It was time to stop leaks who took the sting out of Apple’s product launches. “Doubling down on secrecy, was Cook’s formulation.Tim Cook's Security Strategy

Tim Cook was the scapegoat for the leaks

Those statements have been pulled forward every time there has been a leak of a part of an upcoming Apple product. Whether it was back to the iPhone 6, a new camera to the iPad or a third thing. People would laugh at Cooks “Doubling down on secrecy” that almost was used as evidence of a man’s incompetence.

But who laughs last laughs as you know best. People who laughed at Cook have not understood what he meant. They have missed the point. Cook has not thought of securing  existing units. We still know all that there will be a new iPhone every autumn. We also know that it has a backing. Whether there will be a leak of the back plays absolutely no role. Why would Apple spend too much energy to keep that kind of information secret?

Even without leaked screens, we would have expected that the iPhone would get a bigger screen reasonably. In this regard, a small leak does not mean a failure. Moreover, it is completely impossible to keep a product that will be mass produced in millions of units secret for long. One is a single prototype in a basement in Cupertino, 100 million different parts are being produced worldwide.

No leaks about Apple Watch at all

Cook’s point has certainly gone on the revolutionary new Apple devices and functions. Apple Watch is a good example for that. Of course, we have all had a suspicion that Apple was working on something – the suspect was also ahead of the launch of the iPhone in 2007. But that is all. Absolutely we saw no leaked parts  no spy photos and no detailed revelations. All we got was only estimated projections and a little information from various patent applications. The evolution of Apple iWatch has been just as secret as the development of the first iPhone.

Tim Cook is in line with Jobs

So even though the safety of new iPhones may seem oversimplified, it is simply because it is not worthwhile to tighten it.

So where it really matters, is Cook in line with Jobs when it comes to security. That he has doubled security, however, just with the revolutionary products.

Apple Watch is the latest example aAnd naps me if Apple is working on a new top secret project that nobody knows anything about until the moment Apple chooses to reveal it.