How to change the default search engine in iOS


Do you prefer Yahoo or Bing instead of Google? See here how you can easily change the default search engine in Safari on the iPhone and iPad.

The web browser Safari combined address and search box, using the standard Google search engine when searching for websites. In this way you avoid manually entering the Google homepage when you have to search for websites on iPhone or iPad. If you are not satisfied Google, or you are on holiday in a country where access is harder, you can always visit other search engines manually. However, you can also change default search engine and Safari uses a different search engine than Google.Tip: To change the default search engine in iOS

To change the default search engine in iOS

1. Open Settings> Safari and click on the “search program” at the top.

2. You can then choose between Google, Yahoo, Bing or DuckDuckGo

In the future, when you search in Safari, the selected search engine will be used. Note that the choices you make also takes effect in Spotlights web searches and the ability to search for a selected text.

Also note that Siri uses Bing to its searches, and that this will not be changed via the setting for Safari.