Two Scott Goodson apps every iPhone user has probably used


scott goodsonA former Apple engineer named Scott Goodson created two apps for Apple way back in the mid-2000s.

He is one of the pioneering first 10 engineers in Apple to work on its first software, the OS 1.0. Also, he built two apps, namely Stocks and Calculator. His apps are still being used, and considering that Apple ships like $74 million worth of iPhones a quarter makes his apps even more rich.

The engineer, also previously worked in Facebook, but he left the company to work at Pinterest a few weeks ago, a very collaborative team that he has never seen before.

Scott Goodson has been at Apple for four years before he moved to Facebook, which he also stayed for three years. Even then, he is still so proud that he made the Stocks and Calculator app though.

Goodson told Business Insider that the Calculator app is small, but he made it extra special by making it load as fast as possible. The app is very convenient to iPhone users, even as of today. Goodson says that the app will cause an error if there is some sort of delay, which is why he made it load as fast as it could.

He also developed a number of techniques and strategies to make the app launch faster, even on the older iPhone models, which has a limited computing capacity compared to the later ones.

One little known feature to Goodson’s Calculator and stock app is when the user incorrectly enters a digit, you can just simply swipe to the right of the black screen, and the digit will be erased.

Also, a must be mentioned app, namely Stocks have also been authored by Goodson. An earlier version of the app lets user’s view different charts by pressing left and right arrow buttons on top of the screen. But, the former iOS head Scott Forstall insisted that the design would be better if users can swipe between charts without pressing any buttons, and so the app was changed because of the suggestion.

During those times, Goodson admits that it was a challenge to make those swipes run smoothly without those buttons. It required a great amount of work for such a small detail, but eventually he conceded that it was for the best experience of users.

Ultimately, he said he was inspired by that kind of work ethic in focusing on small details that resulted in making a great contribution to the industry and to its users. Now, he brings his attitude to Pinterest which he indicated that they have accomplished a lot already.