Why Should You Buy an Apple Watch


In today’s rise of the first generation of the Apple Watch. There are a couple of reasons that would let people buy the product and use it to the highest of its capabilities.

Two reasons to buy an Apple Watch

  1. Great health tracking ability

One of the main reasons to get an Apple watch is its health tracking ability. For most times, people who normally sit long hours because of work, school, and other things might have the chance to be more productive in both standing and walking since the watch will help the user get more aware of his or her health.

Health trackers, such as FitBit, is a very reliable app that has helped people become more active throughout the day by making them more aware of how much or how little they have been moving.

  1. Convenient and efficient notifications

The second most important feature of the watch is its notifications. A study last 2014 by Tecmark resulted that the average times the person checks their phone is 221 times a day.

The watch never lets you miss any calls or texts. It also allows you to send quicker responses through text messages which saves the hassle of pulling out your phone. And most of all, it lets you glance at notifications and just dismiss them when they are unimportant and saves more time than reaching out to your phone once again.

Turn Your Apple Watch into a 90’s Mac

[wpbeautify-video src=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1xJxS_kr-M&amp” skin=”skin3″ width=”800″]

For people out there who want to explore the past of Mac, Lee — developed the Mini vMac emulator, it runs a Mac OS system 7.5.5 on the Apple Watch. The look and feel as shown on the video is fun, it also creates a nostalgic aura, and for anybody who is interested in trying it now, then there’s nothing that will hold you back.