Why Apple fans choose ‘S’ Model iPhones?


s iphonesA lot of Apple fans let the company’s major releases pass by and instead wait for the upgraded version that usually debuts a year after with an ‘S’ after the models unique number. The ‘S’ suffix has been used by Apple since the iPhone 4S has been released last 2011. S models are the upgraded version of every previous year’s iPhone, which normally features updates to its camera, processor, and battery. Not only does Apple put upgrades on iPhone major releases, but it is also a huge market booster for the company, the Verge reported last April that the company has sold over more than 700 million iPhones.

Apple has reportedly sold more than 1.7 million iPhone 4 units in its opening weekend after its launch, while the iPhone 4S were sold over more than 4 million units. Even more with the rise of the iPhone 5 which sold over 5 million units, while the iPhone 5S and 5C reportedly sold 9 million units on both models in its opening weekend.

Yoni Heisler, BGR reporter says that the iPhone 5S is the most used unit today, which is approximately around 125 million users, estimate based upon Apple’s analyst — Neil Cybart.

Cybart breaks out the estimates by each iPhone unit which are shown below as listed, starting from the iPhone 6 and descending.

  • iPhone 6 — 85 million users
  • iPhone 6 Plus – 35 million users
  • iPhone 5S – 125 million users
  • iPhone 5C – 50 million users
  • iPhone 5 – 80 million users
  • iPhone 4S – 60 million users
  • iPhone 4 and earlier – 40 million users

Total: 475 million users

iPhone S models have clearly shown on its sales estimates that it has been more chosen by Apple fans than its older version. However, the drawback of having to avail an S model is to wait another year preceding the first release of the non S model but is totally worth the wait for fans with its new upgrades.